Alaska Fishing Reviews & Testimonials

As a sports fisherman or sports fisher woman you want your hard earned money to go as far as it can. At Wet & Wild Alaska Fishing, we guarantee you a fantastic vacation and a wild time on the river.

Here are what a few of our other clients are saying:

I have known and fished with Jeff Moore on annual fishing trips for the last 11 years.  I’ve learned to respect not only his fishing knowledge, but his true value as a wonderful person.  He always tries his hardest to make your Kenai fishing trip a memorable experience.Jeff is simply the best guide I have ever known; and I have fished for over 50 years from Alaska to the Amazon.

I have taken my two sons on eight trips to the Kenai and they look forward to seeing Jeff each year.  Thanks to him we have a boat load of experiences to treasure.  If you want the best in guides and a truly outstanding fishing experience, you can’t do any better than Jeff Moore.

I highly recommend him.

John R GazzoliChairman, SeaGate Homes
Palm Coast, Florida.

I came to Alaska on vacation in 1991 and fished with Jeff for a week. My dad, brothers and I caught huge Kings and huge rainbows! Then I moved here in 2007. I fish with Jeff at least a dozen times a season. The fishing and his professionalism are always top notch. I am sure I am in some pics on his website since I have caught a 17 pound silver, 55 and 45 pound Kings, a 20 pound steelhead and a huge 32″ long,18 inch girth, 14 pound rainbow trout!


I’ve known Jeff for over 20 years and would not fish the Kenai River with any other guide. Jeff and I were like bothers when I lived in Alaska for 10 years and we fished together during the summer months almost every weekend I could make it down from Anchorage were I was living. I could tell so many stories of the great fishing we had done over those years from Sockeye Salmon, King Salmon, Silver Salmon and Halibut fishing with even clamming on the Kenai Pennisala.

I’ll never forget the day we went out May 14th,1996 and put in the lower Kenai River and pulled into Airplane hole and started dropping our lines at 6am when the river opened. I had just let my line out and flipped the bail closed and the end of the pole touched the water and it was King fish ON. Because we had been out together over so many years and it was just him, his brother-in-law and myself on the boat Jeff looks at me smiles and says well your on your own I’m not using the boat to help you get this one in and he reaches down and shut the engine off. Well two miles and 40 minutes later we finally had the fish up next to the boat and netted the biggest 50 pound King I’d ever caught and we were so surprise because it was that big for so early in the season. (Picture attached)

My Dad and two of my Uncles and a friend of theirs went up and fished with Jeff in August 1999 and they had the time of their life’s out fishing for Silver Salmon and said it was the best fishing they had ever done. (Picture attached)

Now living in Colorado since 2001, I re-married in 2003 to my new wife Jackie so I told her let me take you on a trip to Alaska in 2005 and go fishing on the Kenai River as she had never been to Alaska before. So of course I called to book us a trip with Jeff Moore who I consider to be the most friendless and best guide on the Kenai River. We get up early in the morning one of the first days in Alaska and headed to the Kenai River to start fishing for King Salmon, once out on the boat my wife Jackie hooks a little Jack Salmon around 6 pounds and Jeff reached over the edge of the boat and pulls the hook out of it’s mouth. Jackie says HEY that’s the biggest fish I’ve ever caught and Jeff looks at her and says don’t worry were going to get you a lot bigger fish then that. Later that day I landed a 40 pound King Salmon and Jackie sees why we let the little Jack Salmon go that morning. The next day my wife Jackie catches a 38 pound King Salmon and I’ll never forget the look on her face of shoke and awe of how big the fish she caught was as Jeff help her hold it up for a picture. (Pictures Attached)

I’ve recommended Jeff Moore to all of my family, friends and even people I work with if you want a great fishing experience in Alaska on the Kenai River you call Jeff Moore and have the best time of fishing you’ll ever know.

Bryan Miller

I met Jeff Moore in the fall of 1977 on the football field. If Jeff wasn’t playing sports he was pounding the local lakes for trout (Stevens; Flowing), the local river for steelhead (Pilchuck), or doing the weekend Olympic Peninsula trip with his cousin Danny. So it is no surprise that he made his home in Alaska fishing the Kenai River. I have had the opportunity to fish with Jeff 13 times over the last 20 years and if I wasn’t slaying trophy fish (10 pound trout, 14 pound silver, 65 pound king) I was a witness to many memorable fish moments. So if you are an avid diehard fisherman willing to fish hard with a guide who never gives up finding the fish, I definitely recommend Jeff Moore with Wet & Wild Alaska Fishing.

Ronald VerbeckEverett, WA

As a Alaska Resident I have high standards for any Fishing Guide I would use. Jeff Moore fills all expectations I have for quality of service, effort applied and Quantity and Quality of fish. My Wife and myself have used Jeff for our guide on the Kenai for 12 years now. We have fished Kings and Reds with him. Always an outstanding day on the River. Highly recommend his service. You will not be disappointed.

Jay RunyanEagle River Alaska

I have fished with Jeff Moore for the past 12 years and have found him to be “consistently excellent” and “attentive” to landing the fish. He is an extremely hard worker, knowledgeable in every aspect of fishing, and never tires in working to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. His intimate knowledge of the Kenai River will assure that you have the best chance of catching your salmon and/or rainbow trout of a lifetime. I not only recommend Jeff for his guiding skills, but his congenial and helpful attitude. Jeff will make all your future fishing charters unforgettable memories. Moore fishing is the best!

Patti Jo Runyan,Eagle River, AK

I have had the pleasure of fishing the Kenai several times with Jeff, and each was a great experience with top-notch equipment ,fish and a knowledgeable , polite guide. I have no problem recommending Jeff ‘s services for a pleasurable day on the Kenai.

Frank Markie,Richmond , Michigan

Me and Phil have fished with Jeff 3 times in the last 5 years. Every trip has been extremely pleasant and the fishing has been fantastic. Every day we caught and released 75 to 100 fish. We were catching Silver’s, Rainbow’s, and Dolly’s

Jeff furnishes very good rods and reels and his boat and motor is always clean and well maintained. He furnishes an assortment of lures and does his very best to keep you in fish as well as informing you about the Kenai River and wildlife along its’ shores. Jeff has great personality and is very easy to get along with.

We are going in June of 2012 to fish for King Salmon-we are anticipating a great trip whether we catch fish or not. We will enjoy the beautiful scenery and the time spent again with a good friend and guide.

Tommy Richardson & Phil WrightRussellville, Arkansas

Jeff maneuvered the rushing waters and rock hazards of the Kenai River while he helped us catch our first King Salmon. He even netted the fish. What a great memory – one that we hope to repeat again with Jeff this summer!

Wanda and Harry Taylor,Palmyra, PA

I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for another incredible day on the water! As usual your ability to read the river allowed us to put fish in the boat early in the day, and in this particular case it was a fish of a lifetime!

Silvers, reds, kings, trout, and dolly’s your knowledge, patience, and quality gear make for great fishing trips every time.


Heather and Hans Rinke

As a novice fisherman,I was apprehensive of my first experience in the challenge of fishing in Alaska. Jeff Moore’s knowledge and guidance not only eased my apprehension, but made me anxious for my next fishing trip under his guidance

Chris BrantleyAustin, Texas

My name is Mike West I’m an Alaska fishing guide and fish replica Taxidermist. I have worked with Jeff Moore since he started guiding. We worked at the same fish camp together when we first started in 1987. Jeff has always been a very good fishermen and is one of the best guides on the Kenai Peninsula. Jeff is a stickler for detail,can read water well and put his customers on Salmon and Trout of all species. Jeff is courteous to other guides on the River and a fun guide to fish with. I have mounted several fish and game projects for Jeff over the years, he has always treated me with respect and been a pleasure to do business with. Jeff lives up to his word,he has been a great friend and business asset. Jeff I hope this helps you and sorry it took me so long.